who am I

I am a muslim,
a great fan of Muhammad SAW;

a son of Rusydi Rusyid and Ulvi Mariati,
a younger brother of one,
an older brother of two,
a husband of a beautiful woman;

an Indonesian,
a minangnese,
a padang-food eater;

a bachelor in engineering physics from Institut Teknologi Bandung,
a master of science in theoretical physics from Rijkuniversiteit Groningen,
a philosophiae doctor in applied physics from Osaka University;

a physicist,
an assistant professor at Applied Physics Dep., Osaka University
       (from 2014-Oct to 2015-Mar),
a faculty at Physics Dep., Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia
       (from 2007 to present, on leave from 2010-Dec to 2015-Mar ),
a co-founder of Theoretical Physics Research Group in Universitas Airlangga,
a lecturer of modern physics, mathematical physics, electromagnetic,
       quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, experimental method in physics,
a coach of astronomy and geo-science for high school (2007-2010),
an engineer in PerkinElmer Fluid Sciences (2001-2003);

a passionate reader,
a Tolkien’s fantasy fan;

a writer,
a concern Indonesian language user,
a blogger,
an author of scientific papers, and
a freelance English-Indonesia translator (science books only!).

this blog

This blog is notes of my experiences as who I am, may be quoted by other according to my disclaimer and license. My original motivation of writing this blog can be found in the first article of this blog. The motivation has changed a long the way, though 🙂 .

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